Rehabilitation for Alleged Witches

GHCO-Rene Mbongo visits accused women in Guchegu village July 2014

The 46 women at an Alleged Witches Camp are doing well. They harvested five bags of corn in November from their three-acre maize farm. The low yield is a result of less rainfall.

I attended a conference in Accra on closure of “witch camps” across our country. The conference was organized by the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection to dialogue with stakeholders on the closure of all alleged witch camps in the country. It is worth noting that COF has long been advocating for the protection of the rights of women accused of witchcraft. We look forward to working with the government’s bid to close down all “witch camps” and reintegrate ostracized women into their societies. We will offer suggestions and any help that will help address the outcomes of this policy so that no women will be disadvantaged as a result of this policy.


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  1. Jim Vollmer

    Praise God for actions of government and the Church in their efforts to close down these witch camps. Making people who don’t agree with us secondary citizens is morally incomprehensible. May God be with you every step of the way in your efforts. Many blessings!


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