Refugee Family in Need

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A few months ago, we received a call from Adnan, a refugee we had helped before. He was in tears and couldn’t speak clearly. One of our staff members rushed to his house and calmed the family.

Adnan had rushed his wife to the doctor after she fainted a few times from nausea and dizziness. They assumed she had the stomach flu. The doctor did an ultrasound and informed them that she had a cyst and needed to go into surgery. Adnan then took his wife to an internist to seek medication, and this doctor told them she needed a gynecologist.

Because of their status as refugees, plus the situation with COVID-19, Adnan faced challenges to get admission to the hospital. Finally, he got an “exception approval” after long days of waiting. By then they informed him that his wife’s condition had worsened, and she needed immediate surgery. in the meantime, the doctor told them he would not operate until he was paid because they were refugees and didn’t have government support.

But the nurse came and told the doctor that her situation was an emergency; she was bleeding internally. The doctor finally rushed the woman into surgery. Adnan prayed for his wife to survive.

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After two nights in the hospital, Adnan returned home with his wife to his children and mother-in-law. At this point, the whole family was in a bad emotional state, scared of the unknown. The kids saw their mother with yellow skin and unable to talk or even hug them. Adnan cried to God to save his wife. And this is the point where he called us.

We were sorry we had not known about this situation earlier, so we could have supported them while she was in the hospital. Once they contacted us, we paid for the hospital expenses and delivered daily nutritious food to the family to help her gain strength. We also assigned a care provider—one of our dedicated, well-trained volunteers—to make home visits, pray over the family and follow up with each of them. We thank the Lord we were able to help this family through their time of crisis.

Names changed for security reasons

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