Refreshing Time Away

Several Alatoo leaders attended a Central Asian Consultation — 2018 in Cypress where they received refreshment and encouragement. One of the Alatoo leaders shared about the four-day Consultation:

“Through the morning time in the Word, the Lord showed us about unity, His order, about Him, His Son and the Holy Spirit as well as about His dreams for our country…. The time with like-minded organizations inspired us to have more ideas, more boldness to be in Him and share His Shalom. It was a blessing to meet with the sisters and brothers from other countries, and from our country as well…. We gained more ideas, more boldness to be in Him and to share His Shalom.

Through the sessions, especially on Discipleship, the Lord showed that he already blessed us with lots of knowledge and experience…. We came away motivated to continue serving as we have been doing for more than 15 years….We are eager to share with the churches what Lord is doing in other countries and His plans for our country, what we can do together by helping each other.”

As part of the Consultation, participants took tests to indicate their strengths and weaknesses. The goal was that as they recognized their positive and negative sides, they change their life views and values. One of the women leaders had this to say about the training:

“We came to the seminar knowing the topic of the Consultation, but not what it was about. Working on ourselves was a surprise and so interesting to us.

“We previously thought that we know almost everything about ourselves! But those tests changed our mind. We had not noticed our weaknesses, which worsen and hamper our life. We sometimes take offense at our loved ones and demand from them such actions that are similar to our own. In fact, we demand too much from them. After all, they think differently and have weaknesses too.

“The main thing we learned is that our life is in God’s hands, but we can change and improve. I’m thankful for this seminar that helped us learn more what is necessary for everyday life in our society.”

The Alatoo team is has already put into practice some of the things they learned at the Consultation. They brought together 55 leaders from the four villages where Alatoo is involved for a four-day “Authentic Lives” seminar. The training helped the village leaders identify who they are, how God created them, their strong sides and drivers, and their “gremlins” and how to overcome them.

The leaders also learned to plan ahead for at least 10 years. Before this training, they admitted they had never planned so far ahead. Usually they planned just for tomorrow, for one day. They shared that through this training they thought about those things which they have never been thinking before. Please pray for these village leaders to change their lives meaningfully.

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