Recovering From Tragic Loss


“At the end of 2014, my husband went to his heavenly home because of an accident. I’m taking care of three kids now. Besides serving at church, sometimes, I climb on mountains to dig wild vegetables and bring them to the market for sale. Life is hard. I’m trying to stick to the Lord.”

Sister Sun* is the main co-worker of the local church. Her husband was a coal miner and truck driver. He was the main one making money for the family. Sadly, he died in a coal accident. Before that, all their non-Christian relatives and neighbors praised them for being good examples of maintaining a healthy and happy marriage. They have two elder daughters and one little son. The second girl’s left ear doesn’t hear well. They loved their kids and each other very much. Sun’s husband was very supportive to let her serve in the church.

Last year was a heartbroken year for Sun. On one hand, she missed her husband. On the other hand, she had to move on to take care of the children and church. The monthly expense for the family’s daily need and all three children to go to school was about (150 US dollars). It’s a big burden for people living in a rural village. She’s struggling between going to city to make money and serving at the local church.

Thanks to the Lord. With the ministry team members help and your prayer, Sun is recovering in Christ. She has hope to see her husband again in heaven. Also, this year, she figured out a new way of feeding the children and serving the church. To be continued next month…

Please Pray:

  • That God will provide and guide Sun and her children.
  • That Sun will stay strong in Christ.


Name* has been changed for security reasons. 

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