Reconciliation of a Broken Family

Reconciliation of a Broken FamilyDuring our recent trip to Guinea, we had the chance to meet with Suzane, who became a recipient of one of our microloans after her husband left her. They had three children and one stepchild at that time. With this loan, Suzane was able to buy a sewing machine and use it to make money from her dressmaking skills. She said:

“We are a group of dressmakers with different giftings, and we all share the same shop. Our desire is to eventually find a bigger and better area that would be more strategic for our business.”

When Suzane had finished paying back her first loan, she was awarded a second one. With this second loan, she was able to purchase sewing materials, garnitures and small accessories. These materials are important, as they are used to give each dress a personal touch.”

Suzane’s husband recently returned home. Life had not been favorable to him after he had left. His wife, who is a believer, forgave him with all of her heart. They have been able to work through past difficulties, and now Suzane is expecting another child.

We have been impressed by how Suzane’s willingness to forgive and not harbor feelings of bitterness. She is lovely, welcoming, and smiles as she pedals her machine every day. Your help, her courage, and her faith have made her an overcomer.

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