Kenya: Recent Training Empowers Local Leaders

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Our ministry held a discipleship training recently for 63 people, 33 men, and 30 women, from different churches and areas across the region. The response was good, but we had to limit the number of people because of the pandemic.


During this training, the attendees impacted many lives when they helped repair the road that had been swept away by rain and shared the goodness of Christ with the villagers.


We identified and empowered 10 local leaders to hold their own discipleship training by providing them with materials and help in facilitating their classes when possible. In addition, five Bible study groups formed, with leaders chosen to spearhead these activities.


We would like to empower these groups of local leaders by helping them create income-generating projects; this would encourage them to meet regularly for Bible study and form more groups. Most of the participants come from a very poor background, so we contributed a little money to empower them. Some of the attendees want to start sugarcane farming, some want to start dairy farming, and others want to start a beauty salon.


Gabrielle*, one of the participants, reached out to people she knows to form another discipleship group. This young lady is from a Muslim background and a student at a local university. She had already mobilized young women and girls in her neighborhood to start a Bible study. She had 15 girls in her group but during the two-hour Bible study, more girls joined. All are interested to hear more about Jesus.

Local Leader

Her vision is to see each girl become rooted in the Word of God and empowered economically, because most of these girls are young, single mothers. She encourages those who can go back to school to do so, and those who can start some sort of business, to start small.


Pray with Gabrielle for this group to grow and know Christ so that He will be known through them.  


*Name changed for security reasons.

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