Recent Flooding Takes Lives and Property

Recently, floods in the Upper East and North East regions of Ghana have halted all forms of movements and transactions within those zones. Torrential rains coupled with spillage of the Bagre dam in Burkina Faso have caused floods that resulted in major damage to a portion of the road in the Upper East Region, totally halting all forms of movement on the highway. The road has been divided into two, cutting off one area from the rest of the region.

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This disaster has unfortunately affected many lives including that of Christian Outreach Fellowship missionaries and their families residing in these communities in the Upper East Region. Several farmlands and livestock in the area and adjoining communities have also been destroyed by the floods making the securing of food very difficult. It has been challenging for our missionaries to help victims and share God’s love in neighboring communities since no one has been able to access these areas.

We will cherish your prayers for the residents of the Upper East and North East regions, especially Christian Outreach Fellowship missionaries and their families residing there.

  • Pray that the Lord will minimize the frequency of the rains.
  • Pray also for protection for our missionaries in these areas and neighboring communities.
  • Please pray that all affected persons, especially those whose farmlands, livestock and homes have been washed away by the floods would trust in the Lord Almighty to provide for all their needs.
  • Pray also that this disaster does not dwindle the faith of God’s people but rather strengthens it and draws them nearer to their Creator.
  • Pray for support for church members and missionaries alike who may have been affected in these communities.
  • Finally, let’s pray for God’s strength for the people of the districts in the North East region.


Yours in His Vineyard,

Emmanuel, Executive Director of Christian Outreach Fellowship

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