Rebuilding After the Flood

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We express our profound gratitude for your support and prayers for Christian Outreach Fellowship missionaries and other residents who suffered from severe flooding in the Upper East and Northeast regions of Ghana. By the grace of God, your contributions helped to revert the situation back to normal.

WA GHCO OCT 2020 blog1 1

Thanks to your help, many lives have been touched. The road linking the two regions is being fixed. The areas are returning to normal and those who could not go to church due to the floods have started going to church again.

The B* people in the Upper East region are among the people that benefited from your donations and prayers. They were allocated money to help them renovate their church that was destroyed by the floods.

WA GHCO OCT 2020 blog3

We still cherish your prayer and support:

  • Pray that in the midst of the challenges brought about by the floods as well as COVID-19, new opportunities will open up to facilitate community transformation among the unreached and deprived communities in Ghana.
  • Pray for the missionaries and their families, that God will grant them the spiritual and physical strength to be effective in their ministries to the glory of God.
  • Continue praying for the residents that were affected by the flooding, especially Christian Outreach Fellowship missionaries and their families residing there. Pray for strength and support for the people and the ongoing church project.

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