Rebellious Boys Learn Something at Camp

We are sharing our news right from the front lines where we are fighting for the souls of children and winning them for Christ!

Today we are in the suburbs of our capital city holding a day camp for village children. Most of the children are of local nationality. Many came from the south and were trained in the Madrassa (Muslim school) from childhood. Around half of the participants (nearly 25 kids) have never heard of Jesus Christ. Some girls are fully covered and the boys behave as strong Muslims.

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One of the teams had four boys, Muslims, who rebelled on purpose, and every time during spiritual conversations, they would intentionally break discipline. This was so hard for the counselor. He felt tempted to ask them not to come back again! But here is what he shared:

“These guys have been challenging me every single minute. I desperately wanted to get rid of them. But the camp was about the story of Jonah and how God is giving a chance to the worst people in the world and how God is patient with us and how much He wants to have us saved.

“And God kept reminding me that he wants these four boys saved, so every morning I prayed and shared God’s love with these boys, no matter what. Throughout these days I shared the Gospel with each of them directly. On the last day, we had been sharing the Gospel and when we invited children to pray together, three of the four boys asked me to pray for them.

“I do not know how much these boys could embrace the Gospel or how strong is their decision to follow Jesus, but what I definitely know – these children could feel the love of God, and they left this camp changed forever.

“This is probably only the first step on their way to the Lord, but I will keep praying for them, for I know and they know – GOD’S LOVE IS THERE FOR THEM no matter what.”

Please, continue to pray for Camp Adonai teams and local churches who embrace nearly 600 kids with God’s love each year at Day Camps.

We have already held five camps and are holding seven more camps soon.

Pray for these seeds to grow in the hearts of children and for protection for all who serve!

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