Reaching the Youth in New Ways

We would like to share some good news – a few testimonies, that brought joy to our team and we hope that it will give you joy as well.

Half a year ago, we gave lessons to some churches we started a partnership with about camps. We are seeing it reap fruits, our friend and partner from one of the churches decided to use our curriculums and work with us to make interchurch camps. They made a 10-day camp where 340 children were involved, along with a camp for teenagers with 134 teens attending and We had 145 volunteers helping.

reaching the youth in new waysHere are just a few of the testimonies we received:

“We made the camp for teenagers from orphanages. The government sends teen orphans to camps every summer. This summer they were sent to our camp, which was a different experience for them since they can hear and feel Gods love, unlike before. Some of the Girls from the orphanage said that they no longer want to stay at the camp. They have experienced Love from their counselors and from God and know that it is a real and true love. They want to leave the camp because they believe they are ready to love and serve others that need the love they have found. We are thankful that by your work, prayers, and finances you help us to make these camps real.”

“This was our first year hosting a camp and it was very difficult, but we have seen God’s Glory! We didn’t have enough counselors in our church, so we had some teenagers serve who were only two to four years older than the teenagers involved in the camp. The teens worked hard and gave their whole hearts to the younger teens. God moved in many ways, some teens had their prayers answered, some decided to serve at next year’s camp as a counselor. Many teens came forward to share their testimony in excitement with how God was touching their hearts, for some of them, it was their first-time encountering God. A few of the teens had been suicidal, some were disobedient to their parents and teachers, some realized how selfish they have lived, some were Muslims, they all decided they want to follow Jesus.”

Our team is very grateful to see that our work, strengths, and tears are not wasted, we are encouraged and excited to work more to help all these churches. We want you to know, you are a big part of our work, God is working from your prayers and finances, and we hope that your hearts are feeling joy as ours.


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