Rajan’s Story

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One boy who has benefited from our programs in this slum area is 14-year-old Rajan. He is a very brilliant child in Class 7.

At the Community Center, Rajan took an active part in all the life-skill sessions and activities. One day he stopped coming and his teacher asked his friend why. Rajan’s friend said that he had gotten a job to support his family, so he probably wouldn’t come anymore. His teacher was shocked. She visited the company he worked for, where she found him doing a packing job in a very small space. She asked him to come back to the center and resume his education. She explained the importance of education and encouraged him to continue with his studies. He was moved by her concern, and agreed to come back. He has greatly improved in his studies and can now speak fluent English. His dream is now to start a school for poor.


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