Hawa Gives Back

Hawa* is a 35-year-old woman who lives in the village of Gulbawa, in the center of Niger. She is a beneficiary of a goat bank project supported by our amazing donors.


Goat Herd


Hawa shares: “This project is a real blessing and opportunity. I was part of the very first distribution a few months ago. Raising the goats has helped my family at all levels. Food is better, clothing is better, healthcare is better, and schooling for the kids is better supported.”


Hawa is a member of the Gulbawa local church, which is supervised through our Ministry Partner Ba-Lyaka ministry.


She added: “The way we give to the Lord every Sunday has changed. From the sale of milk and goats, we can give more than before, and every time we meet to worship. It is a real joy to support the work of the ministry the same way it blessed us.”


Hawa is not just happy for herself, but she delights in the fact that other women would share the same joy. She said: “I have been able to pay it back so that others will benefit in turn. This will allow more women to be empowered in the church and the community. With all my heart, I thank the authors of this act. May God pay them back. And I promise to continue taking good care of my herd so that others will also benefit from this blessing of freedom.”


Not only was Hawa’s life transformed through the gift of goats, but she was also able to give back to the ministry. This is just one example of how our Animal and Farming projects can transform lives and help to alleviate poverty.

*Name changed for security.




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