Rabbits open the way for ministry

Kindergartners peek in the hutches to see the rabbits.

How can we church planters be accepted by local people? When meeting local people and they want to know what our job is, my wife and I introduce ourselves as rabbit breeders. Currently, my wife and I breed 20 adult and 15 young rabbits that live in the hutches we built ourselves outside our house. We use the income from the sale of rabbits each month for the operational costs of raising the rabbits.


Almost every day local people visit our rabbits just to watch them. In addition to individuals, groups also visit like elementary school students, kindergarteners and women’s community groups. We tell them about the species of rabbits, how to care for rabbits and the value of rabbit feces as plant fertilizer.


We also provide assistance to people interested in raising rabbits. Currently we are mentoring six local breeders, from making the cage to selling the results. They are very happy to earn extra money from rabbit breeding.


When visiting local people, we ask them if we can cut their grass and take the clippings. In this way, the local people are not suspicious of our arrival, even though they haven’t met us before. Plus we get fresh grass for our rabbits.


We also visit people we know when we’re in the city to buy food. In our visit to their homes, we often meet with their family members and friends. We are always looking for opportunities to direct the conversation to the Gospel story in every meeting.


Pak MN is a young coconut seller we met while visiting a village. He asked why we came to their village. We explained that we were there to collect grass for rabbit food. He offered us to take the grass behind his house for free. We were grateful for the offer and turned the conversation to spiritual matters. We had the opportunity to share the Gospel with him, but he was not yet willing to believe. However, he still wants to hear the next story.


On a visit to our new acquaintance’s house, we met some of his friends who were sitting and drinking coffee. We joined them and got to know his friends. We asked where they are living with the intention of visiting them later. Brother Zul is one of them and we were able to visit him at his home.


Brother Zul warmly welcomed us in his house. While enjoying the coffee and fried bananas he served, we talked about our rabbits. Soon we were able to discuss spiritual matters. When we mentioned sin, he agreed that all men are sinners and we try not to sin anymore to please God. However, he is not convinced that his sins are forgiven…not yet.

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    Awesome update praise the Lord for rabbits!


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