Providing hope and a future for children

Boys talking A ministry worker shares this story:

“Wen* is a student we have been helping for six years. He lost his father when he was little. He has four brothers and sisters. Our ministry sponsored him for school since his first grade year. We are good friends. This year, Wen started going to middle school, but he can’t adjust to the new environment. He can’t understand his teachers most of the time.

In Tibetan areas, a person with a high school diploma is qualified to teach elementary school students. He was not able to keep up in school. After an exam, Wen* was very frustrated because his math result was 3 out of 100. He was thinking about giving up on school and going home to pasture cattle with his family.

Another elder student told me about Wen’s situation. So we went to visit Wen together. We talked about life, his future, and his frustration. He soon realized that he should continue his school! The other students and I were very encouraged by this. This is important for Wen’s future.”

Most Tibetans don’t value school education. They prefer sending children to temple’s to be monks or nuns instead. Very few Tibetan children go to high school, much less go to universities.

To help Tibetan children grow holistically, the local workers have a small student center. Some students they sponsor are schooling in the county, but their home is far away in the grasslands. The students are welcomed to the center to spend their weekends. It’s like a shelter for them; simple but warm. They can cook together, study together and play games together. Most importantly, the workers tell them the Good News and help them with character issues. The workers truly became friends to them. Sometimes, when their families are in trouble, they ask the workers to come help. These workers become good friends with the student’s families. This is very important!

Prayer request:

  • Please pray for the education of the Tibetan students and that God will lead the children to the right place to be educated in His way.
  • The local workers can stay strong in Him and be creative to serve the true need of these students.


Name* has been changed for security reasons. 






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