Providing Health Care establishes Important Connections for the Ministry


SPPM-Jasmine Assoc. medical work Morocco.Jan 2015In one region, several health centers were handed over to us. With the support of the local government, we have been able to work with the health professionals at these centers. This platform has given us the opportunity to serve more people. In one clinic, we served 2,700 people with various physical and mental health problems. Other regions have seen what is happening there and are asking us to come and help them as well.

In this Muslim context, the help that our association provides in different areas has a large impact at the social level and opens many doors to share the Gospel. This help broadens people’s perspectives on life and makes it possible for them to receive help. Whether it is with children’s studies, adult health, or the teaching of a trade, everything offered is helpful in improving quality of life.

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