Progress in Reaching the Fufulde People

I am happy to bring you a piece of good news on the field regarding our outreach to the Fufulde.

The Fufulde camp of over two hundred people in a village in the Northern Region of Ghana is still the location where our missionaries, I* & F*, primarily minister. The couple is working very hard through their person to person evangelism at the camp, as well as through their weekly radio broadcast. All of their work is aimed at one thing: proclaiming the Gospel of Christ to the Fufulde people.

Two weeks ago, I* met with the Fufulde chief and his elders. According to him, their conversation was mainly on the Fufulde culture, and about why they decided to settle in Ghana and make the camp their permanent settlement. However, in the course of their conversation, the issue of water came up. As of now, there is no source of water at the camp. Because of this, the women and girls have to trek several kilometers in search of water for household use. When I* asked if they would be interested in a borehole at the camp, the chief and his elders responded that they would be more than happy to have one.

Although I* did not give them any assurance of drilling a borehole at the camp any time soon, I believe the willingness of the Fufulde chief and his elders to receive a gift from Christians is a piece of good news. If this opportunity is pursued quickly, it may serve as the bridge that they need to get the Gospel message ever closer to the hearts of the Fufuldes.

*Names redacted for security reasons

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