Production Ministry Report

Production Ministry Report

The majority of our work centers on translating Biblical scriptures and the production of audio-visual content, in the Berber language of Algeria.

Encouragement comes from churches across the country, because they receive new converts through use of our TV programs. These churches are equipped for evangelization and edification by using our products (New Testament, CD, DVD, MP3).

Our team works continuously with the TV auditors to help with the production of our material, then works in collaboration with the different churches of the country to distribute them.

It is very difficult to measure the impact of our work throughout the country, but the important thing for us is that the Gospel spreads throughout the country and that all the glory comes back to our Lord.

During the Ramadan period and the Eid festivals, we were able to make many visits to families that live far from the church. Opportunities have been offered to us to answer questions about fasting and sacrifices.

During the first half of 2017, more than 6,000 DVD’s, CD’s and MP3’s were distributed, not to mention several thousand New Testaments distributed.

We thank all those who collaborate with us in one way or another in order to advance the reign of our Lord in Algeria.

Testimonials from TV Auditors:

  • S*: After several years of prayers for her to have children, she called us recently to announce the good news of the birth of her first child.
  • L*: She had been repudiated by her husband for over eight months, during which time we supported her and encouraged her. She has just announced their reconciliation.

Subjects of Prayer:

  • For TV Program Auditors (Those who are sick, persecuted because of their Christian faith, without work, without housing, for couples in difficulty).
  • For our work teams, to be encouraged and protected.
  • Revision of the Old Testament
  • Audio-visual production, for the protection and multiplication of production stations

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