Sponsor a Child – Top Himalayas

$35 / month

The educational condition of many Tibetan children is deplorable. Most of the parents have no idea of the value and power of education. Children spend their time either grazing cattle or helping with household chores. Many become victims of child marriages or are sent to a monastery as future monks or nuns.

Top Himalayas wants to assist these children through child sponsorship. Not only will the children gain an education, but they will also have an opportunity to learn about Jesus Christ. Initially, Top Himalayas plans to sponsor children in two schools. One is a new school, operated by a church elder, and is the only English-medium school in the region. The other is a government school where this same elder teaches. The ministry has been sponsoring 30 children and hopes to add 10 more this year from nursery through first grade, in the first year.

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