Recovery for Trafficking Victims



Around the world, women face overwhelming difficulties. Their lives are often characterized by neglect, oppression, and violence simply because they are girls. These dynamics make them extremely vulnerable to exploitation, sex slavery, and human trafficking. As a result, millions of God’s precious women and girls have suffered horrific physical and emotional abuse, an experience that often takes years to recover from. Invest in one month of care for a trafficked woman by completing the projects on her road to restoration: counseling ($25), medical care ($105), spiritual equipping ($35), and vocational training ($35).

We promise to honor your gift and use your donation in the most effective way possible. The offers in this catalog are the current Partners International projects that need funding. In the event that certain offers are overfunded, we will use the funds raised to provide help where most needed within the category (example: Animals & Farming) or to address the most similar need.

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