Church Growth Association of India


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Church Growth Association of India (CGAI) was started in 1978 to research church growth in India. Through study, research, and publications–particularly the study of unreached people groups–the task of evangelism in India has been furthered. With Partners’ assistance, CGAI has become a frontline training center for evangelism, developing a church-planting movement in people groups across India by training grassroots workers in cross-cultural evangelism. The ultimate goal of our partnership is the transformation of communities by the power of Jesus Christ through healthy, reproducing churches.

India is a very religious country, birthplace of four major religions, yet among its 1.2 billion people, only about two percent of the population is Christian. No other part of the world has as high a concentration of unreached people as India. With more than 4,635 distinct people groups, finishing the task of evangelism in India will require prepared workers, effective coordination, unwavering commitment, and the powerful work of the Holy Spirit.

Opposition to Christianity is steadily increasing in certain regions of India. Over the last several decades, Hindu militant groups have been growing in strength and influencing society. Hindutva ideology, “India is Hindu Only,” tries to squelch all other religions in the country. Yet, God is at work, bringing people to Himself from all strata of Indian society.

In this context, the need of the hour is to identify and replicate the best practices of church growth and community transformation toward the goal of churches planted within unreached people groups.