Prison Conversions Continue to Happen

Prison Conversions Continue to HappenWe visited the women’s prison on the day after Palm Sunday, where we met a lady who was very emotionally distressed and feeling regret for what she has done with her life. We took some time to listen to her and talk over her situation. We encouraged her to have hope, and we shared the Good News of Jesus with her. She accepted Jesus as her personal Savior and we taught her how to pray.

We are very happy and encouraged as we see her desire to know more about the Bible, but she now faces the large hurdle of being illiterate, as reading was a skill she was never taught. To help with this we connected her with another inmate (who became a disciple during a previous visit) so that they can read their Bibles together.

Please continue to pray for our visits to the fourteen men’s prisons all around Jordan. The men’s team will start their visits soon and will continue for three and a half weeks. Please pray for their protection during their travels, for unity between the team members, for the eyes of officials and prison management that we come in contact with to be opened, and for wisdom in our interactions with the inmates.

May you enjoy the glorious resurrection every day of your life.

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