Prepping for Day Camps

Hello our dear brothers and sisters! Last week (May 7-9) we held training for people planning to help in our upcoming Day Camps. It was an amazing time for us to share our curriculum and experience. It was also a fun time for participants to take the role of little children. Here are a few of their comments:

Nurmal* 20  years old

Hello, thanks to these amazing teachers at Camp Adonai, I got inspired to work with children more. This curriculum makes you understand children’s minds and their behavior. I am really thankful for everything that happened in these past three days. God bless everyone who is working with children and helping this ministry!

Satyama* 40 years old

First thing I noticed is this amazing team that served us. All the team members are very dedicated to their work. They have a lot of experience, even though they are still very young. I was surprised that all these young leaders not only know how to serve the children, but I saw that they practice in their daily lives what they taught us. Most of the team grew up attending Camp Adonai, and now they are serving as coordinators and leaders. Thank you very much for these three days. May God bless all the people who are helping this ministry!

It was an amazing time for our team of 12 to share our experiences with these 70 participants. Thank you, our dear Partners, for helping us to continue our work.

Please Pray:

Day Camps  At this time, 15 churches are preparing for the day camps. Please pray for all workers, for strength and wisdom as it is very hard work. Pray for the children who will participate the day camps. We believe that they can meet Him at these day camps. And please pray for everyone’s safety.

Teenagers’ Festival  Also we are preparing  for the teenagers’ festival. We need a big team that can share their faith and share how God can work through their profession. Also please pray for the finances, because it is expensive to make a festival for 300 teenagers.

Camp Adonai Team  Please pray for the Camp Adonai’s team, that God will fill us with His strength as we carry out the Day Camps in the churches and the Teenagers’ Festival.

*Names changed for security reasons.

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