Prayer Update: Seed Eurasia

We encourage you to continue to intercede for the various opportunities and challenges that we face in several areas:

  • The wife of Pastor Kaan Koryurek, Alesandra, and Beshiktas church. May God comfort and strengthen them all, while providing wisdom to organize the future leadership of the church following Kaan’s passing.
  • For the chapel of Pendik, the doors of which were opened to us for the first time. Pray that the Treasury either grants us the restoration of the ruined chapel (in the district center), or that the municipality we cede land to will build a chapel near the airport (also a densely populated and mostly modern area).
    The beginnings of the campus being worked on for church/discipleship camps.
    The beginnings of the campus in Troas being developed for church/discipleship camps.
  • We have a similar situation in Izmit, where the tax office is using an old chapel for storage. Rumor has it that the office is being moved to another building, so we have requested the transfer of the chapel.
  • This July we will have an evangelistic campaign in Eskishehir. Pray that the Lord will reveal himself to those that come to seek him.
  • We continue to seek funds for Troas. This will be a camp center for all churches in Istanbul, and is, therefore, a project in making a qualitative step in the development of the Lord’s work in this country.

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