Prayer Request

The Shepherd’s Call team is reaching out to a minority group in Central Asia and sharing the Good News through story. They are seeing hearts open. Pray for more people to respond to the Gospel. 

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  1. Stephen Kingsdon

    Please pray for my family as they have the Covid-19 virus today. Pray for a Christian sister called Carol who may be my future helpmeet/wife! And finally, please pray for me personally that God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost will continue to keep on amazing me with our dear life-time friendship and mighty blessings no matter the cost to me! I am a former UK MOD police officer who has suffered at least 7 personal attempts on my life and over 30 personal assaults on my body while carrying out my duties throughout my amazing career. PS please pray for my own cousin and her pastor husband who have abandoned their true Christian duties and forbidden me for even contacting and even leaving prayers etc on their own website! IF their church finds out what has occurred they will be totally disgraced and condemned for life. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to share my prayers with you. God bless you all!


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