Prayer opens prison doors

Women's training in prison


In the prison, we work with an average of 150 people, training them in vocations and educating them. We see changes in the attitudes of the women who are receiving training. They are able to use their skills to make a living upon their release from prison.

Earlier this year, we offered a sewing course for the women in prison. They went to the Ministry of Education to receive their diplomas. We work with nationals, so if we are not present, they are able to continue carrying out the work.

In the course of our work, we met a woman who was falsely accused. She was about to face trial, and she asked that we pray for her. Later that night, I received a telephone call from her. She had left prison and was free. God had heard her prayer.

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  1. Lois

    This is great.Most drug addict,should not be in prison they should be put into rehab where they can get training


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