Prayer and Praise for our Church Planter Teams

Prayer and Praise for Our Church Planter Teams2The River of Life Church in Cambodia has a number of church planters working all over the country in a variety of different contexts. We asked a few of them to share about the work that they do, and how they have been blessed by our connection with Partners International.

One church planter, To Tol Sin, shares, “I am a part of the church planting team in the northwest region of Cambodia, near the Thai border. Every day, I am humble to be used by God to preach the Gospel and to plant churches in my district. It is a great privilege for me to serve Him and to see people delivered from spiritual darkness and physical bondage into the Kingdom of Light. My desire is to plant more churches in this district to reach the great need that it has. The main ways that our ministry reaches these people are through one-on-one evangelism and Bible studies, mass evangelism in our churches and events, and outreach to children.

“I would like to say thank you to Partners International’s donors for their prayers, financial support, and for the motorbike I was provided with. This has been a huge blessing to my ministry, and has allowed me to travel and visit many more people than I otherwise would have been able to. Thank you for being Jesus’s hands and feet to reach out to the people in this remote part of Cambodia.”

Another of our church planters, also living near the Thai border, shares, “A majority of people that live in this area have migrated from other provinces with the intention of crossing the border into Thailand for work, or are people that were deported back to Cambodia by Thailand’s government for improper documentation. In this area, I mostly minister to children and to elderly people, as the ‘middle generation’ has left them here while they are away working in Thailand to provide for themPrayer and Praise for Our Church Planter Teams2.

“I greatly appreciate all of your prayers and financial support for me. Thank you for being a part of bringing the love of Jesus Christ to the children and the elderly in this remote village of Cambodia!”

Some of our other church planters could use your prayers, as well:

  • One church planter’s nineteen-year-old daughter was recently diagnosed with leukemia. He and his wife took her to Vietnam for a brief treatment, but since they have been home her condition has not improved. Several weeks ago, she was admitted to the hospital for a second time.
  • Another church planter needs prayers for physical healing, as he is suffering from heart and liver failure.

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