There is power in the name of Jesus

Cham* is a church planter who works on a small island with a population of 93,000 in the Eastern part of Indonesia.


CahayaSuku_unsplashCham met Hoa* almost three years ago when he was cleaning his motorcycle by a river. Hoa who was a shaman told Cham of his ability to heal illness. In return, Cham shared with him about the God he worships who is not only able to heal sicknesses but also powerful to raise the dead and forgive sins. Hoa was very impressed with the story of Jesus after Cham showed him the Jesus film. Since then Cham regularly visited Hoa and his family.


Hoa’s two daughters initially didn’t like Cham’s presence at their house. However, Cham was determined to serve this family week after week. In addition to preaching the Gospel to Hoa, Cham and his wife began to teach Hoa’s daughters how to read because even though they were 9 and 11 years old at that time and attended school, they were not able to read. A teacher said that they were unwilling to study and had a strange power that caused their teachers ignored them at school.


They were miserable every time Cham came to visit and teach them. They seemed to be under the power of the evil spirit that prevented them from learning anything. On one occasion one of the girls said to Cham’s wife while holding a knife: “Don’t come here or I’ll cut you to pieces.”


Regardless of their refusal, Cham and his wife kept trying. They bought them props for reading such as alphabet posters and cards and reading aids that had a screen like a laptop. They destroyed them and threw them all away.


Hoa was interested in knowing Jesus but still wanted to heal people with the shamanic power he had. After nearly two years in his journey learning about Jesus, Hoa discovered that his cornfield would produce fertile and abundant crops when he prayed for it in the name of Jesus. His faith in Jesus grew stronger. He prayed for someone sick in the name of Jesus, and that person was healed.


After witnessing miracles done by Christ, Hoa has burned all his amulets. If someone asks for his help to heal a sick person, he tells them he can pray for them in the name of Jesus.


Cham taught Hoa how to pray for his daughters in the name of Jesus so they could learn lessons at school. All signs of demonic influence are gone. They read well and are very eager to attend classes every day. Every time Cham comes to visit, the girls tell him the grades they got at school and the homework they need to finish. Sometimes, they asked Cham to pray for them while they’re studying.

*Names have been changed for security purposes.

***This is one of the stories from dozens of people who are currently being followed up by Cham and his fellow church planter. In the last three months, there were 15 Muslims who came to believe in Jesus from their area, and three of them were baptized.


Learn more about his ministry here.

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