Pray for Our School

Please continue to keep our school and the teachers who work there in your prayers. The teachers are in need for further training so that they can continue to effectively reach their students. As this is the only mission school in this region, it is it is vital to us that they receive proper training.

Many children here are only able to go to this school because of the support they receive through the Sponsor a Child program. Without this support, it would be impossible for them to get any formal education.

Our main prayer for the school right now is that we would be able to effectively reach the Buddhist families in our area through this school.

The school is on holiday for a while now because of winter, but prayers are still needed for when classes resume.

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  1. Barry Davis

    We will be praying for you & the children there! My family and I will be in Kathmandu this weekend (March 24) so hopefully we will be able to visit your ministry.


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