Pray for East Asia

We have been updated with some prayer concerns by our East Asia Area Director; please join with us in prayer over the following:

The whole nation is in a panic because of Coronavirus. Most of the places are on lockdown. In China, all public gatherings have been restricted, public transportation has been limited, and fever monitors have been installed in areas like supermarket entrances. Churches all across China have completely stopped gathering. Since the nation has paused, trainings and meetings are delayed, trips have been canceled. The Coronavirus will most likely be a problem for the country until the end of March or even April.

Pray that the epidemic will pass, and everything will fall in place. Pray that Ministry Partners will soon be able to re-plan programs and everything, also they can figure out how to involve in epidemic related serving to help their community. Pray that where Christians are can bring peace and courage of overcoming fear and love to share with those who need.

Please pray as the church leaders are figuring out the next steps. This may be a blessing in disguise as many leaders work year-round without much rest, so may this be a good time to recharge and realign their vision so that they can go back on the field with more strength.

Pray for the spiritual strength of leaders in East Asia to pursue His guidance to lead ministry under pressure of both politics and epidemic. What they hear from Him and deeply tune their ministries. In a time of ‘can’t go and do things,’ they will grow their ministry roots for future fruits.
Some community leaders in Southwest China called one of our East Asia ministry leaders and asked if our trained counselors can come to counsel their affected community members due to the trauma from the repercussions of the virus. Please pray that this may lead to ministry opportunities.

Please pray for a ministry worker and her family that are currently quarantined (they are not infected).

Please pray that the East Asia Area Director can find a local co-laborer as she has been feeling especially alone in recent months in ministry. All of her planned travels have been canceled through mid-April in light of the coronavirus outbreak. Pray for her to stay healthy personally.

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