Some Pluses in the Refugee Camps!

Not all is negative in the camps for refugees. Recently the Africa Inland Church brought youth together for a four-day “youth camp.” The last four days of January, 175 youth from churches in three refugee camps came together at the Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement Camp. The theme of the conference was taken from Isaiah 1:18, “Come, Let us reason together.”

The youth in the refugee camp are zealous to learn. Sessions included topics such as discipleship, the roles of youth in the church, conflict resolution, and male/female relationships.

Many more youth in the camps wanted to come to the camp, but we did not have enough resources to bring all of them. We hope we will be able to bring them all together one day.

Everyone seemed to have a wonderful time during the youth camp. On the last day someone volunteered to serve as a youth coordinator to coordinate all the activities of the youth in the diaspora.

At camp, more than 30 youth gave their lives to Jesus Christ. Forty youth re-committed themselves to follow Christ.

We are planning for a bigger annual Youth Conference next year that will bring youth from all the 4 districts of AIC for a week-long conference. We will include sports and music as other tools of evangelism.


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