Pivotal Moments



When my younger brother was sick, and doctors could not help, my mom decided to go to missionaries for prayer. Jesus answered their prayers, and my younger brother was healed. After that moment, my mom made a choice to leave all gods and only worship Jesus Christ. At that time, my father worked in a different state, which made me an elder in the family. I was adamantly against my mother and her decision to worship Christ to the point that I abused her for it. All my relatives also abused her, yet she stood firm in her faith.

After a few months, I became mentally unstable and violent. I tore my clothes and roamed on the streets. Doctors said I had a mental condition that couldn’t be cured. At that time, all my relatives believed that I was in that state because my mom left all gods. They pressured her to pray to the gods they worshipped so that I would be healed, but she stood firm in her faith.

Then one day, missionaries prayed for me, and I was healed completely. From that moment on, I understood the power of Jesus Christ. I committed my life to full-time ministry and to get trained in one of the missionary training centers.

During this six-month training, I learned Church Growth Principles. I understood the importance of culture in reaching the unreached people through his teachings. I also learned about the excellent method of reaching out and discipling the non-literates.

One of the towns in Northern India, where 44.6% of the population are unreached. Growing up amidst them, I sensed God’s call to reach out to them. The training I received through CGAI is immensely helpful for me to fulfill this call. I understood the importance of knowing their culture, worship style, and designing a strategy to reach out neighbors. I’m grateful to CGAI.


Please continue to pray that their efforts would bring forth lasting fruits.

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