Pioneering a Ministry in a New Place

One of Cahaya Suku’s church planting teams started serving among the Muslims in the city of Ja* in Sumatra in mid-February. The team, consisting of 2 families, was grateful because in this short time two local people had come to faith in Jesus Christ. The team kept praying that God would continue to open the way for them to share the Good News with others.

Fisherman Suri

At the end of February, one of the church planters, Bayu met a man named Suri. Suri happened to be in the city of Ja because his wife had just died in the city and according to local customs, he and his children had to stay in his in-law’s house for the next 40 days. While staying in the city, Suri spent his spare time fishing in the lakes around the city. 

One day Bayu saw this man fishing at Ken* lake. His heart was moved to stop and make acquaintance with Suri. It turned out that Suri was easy to engage in conversation. After a while, Suri shared with Bayu about his life journey. He said that he always relied on God and always tried to obey his religion (Islam). Suri was indeed adept at talking about the teachings of his religion.

The Big Question

Then, Bayu asked Suri’s opinion about the biggest problem facing all humanity; namely sin, and its consequences. 

In response, Suri said he knew that everyone in the world would go to hell, and according to him, the time someone must spend in hell depends on each person’s deeds during their life. He realized that he himself would go to hell; however, he hoped that through Allah’s mercy he would be in hell for just a short time. And that’s why he was very active in observing his religion. 

From this point, Bayu shared with Suri about the forgiveness of sin provided by God through Jesus who gave himself as a ransom for people. Bayu explained that everyone who believes in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord will be forgiven of their sins, have eternal life, and no longer go to hell but to heaven. Hearing that Suri was surprised because he said it is similar to what he learned in his religion about Isa Al Masih (Jesus). He learned that Isa Al Masih was the only “recipient of salvation.”

Needing Time

Then Bayu asked him if he wanted to believe and accept that truth. Suri said he needed some time to study it thoroughly because in his opinion that is the biggest thing in life. 

Bayu continued his explanation by talking about the prophets in the Old Testament, but it suddenly rained so they had to stop their conversation. However, Suri invited Bayu to visit him at his in-law’s home, which Bayu promised to do. 

IOCS March April 2020 update

Needing Prayer

Please pray for Suri, and for the team–that God will give them the wisdom to serve during the COVID-19 crisis. Nowadays, they cannot easily meet people as social distancing is being enforced. May God guide them to continue serving Him and people despite this current situation.

Names changed for security reasons.

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    Our church sponsors a family and we pray for the planting of the seeds in these areas

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      That is wonderful! Thank you for your support!


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