Pig Project Update


Your support though Partners helps us feed and care for the pigs. In March 2016, 5 pigs gave birth to some 40 piglets. But due to a viral attack translating into partial paralysis, 10 among them died. With the assistance of the veterinary, the 30 remaining grew healthy.

We have been struggling with a number of customers who are very slow to pay for the meat. To continue generating income, we now sell male piglets to other people who are involved in raising them or want to start. But we realize we need more than that to generate income. That is why on the other hand, we keep the female piglets to have more reproducers. Our plan is to go from 5 to 20 reproducers within the year.

We exclusively feed the pigs with industrial food. Jean-Baptiste B., one customer who bought piglets said: “this breed of pigs eats a lot. But I like the fact that they are very big for their age.”

The project helps build a bridge with the community. In this relationship we suffered separation with the week-end worker who is not Christian. He used to abandon the farm for other personal activities. We had no choice but to terminate our agreement.

We thank all supporters and let you know that the project is healthy. Keep praying that its impact will continue growing as to alleviate poverty among those who start raising pigs, and among the people we want to reach, as we build healthy relationships.


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