Physical Healing Leads to Spiritual Healing

A young lady suffered greatly when both of her kidneys failed to function normally. Her family became very anxious and did not know what to do. She lost hope, joy and peace. One day, a few believers and church planters went to visit a family in the village where she lived. She was invited by her friend to the prayer meeting in this family’s house. When they heard of her kidney failure, they prayed fervently that the Lord would heal her. Suddenly, she heard a voice telling her to go and drink some water, and she did. The next day, she felt much better. Her family took her to the doctor, who was amazed that both of her kidneys were now functioning normally!

After returning, she told her family that the Christians had prayed for her. Because of this miraculous healing, the whole family wanted to hear about Jesus. Seven families gave their lives to Jesus, and another new church was planted in that village! Praise the Lord for His mighty works! The Lord is demonstrating His healing power in more so than ever.

Please pray for the urgent needs of discipleship, training and pastoral care for all these young churches.




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