Persons with Special Needs

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With the Spanish classes, we have worked with 20 students directly, and have an indirect impact on a total of 80 individuals. In the Spanish classes, there are opportunities to give testimony of my faith and share the Message. When the students invite me to their homes, I ask for permission to pray and bless the food, and sometimes I share of my faith.

Two new workers arrived, but were not able to remain due to the change in immigration policies in the country. That was a difficult time for us, as we were looking forward to their help. Meanwhile, a former teammate was scheduled to return, but has not yet been able to do so for the same reasons.

In December, we distributed Christmas baskets with staple food items for national believers and some low-income families. In each case, it was perhaps the first gift in their lives. It was also beautiful to share the story Christ’s birth.

One of the families we serve has an autistic daughter. I have gotten to know her family and offered advice, visiting them in their home. The mother has begun to think of me fondly. She and her daughter have visited me, and I feel that soon I will be able to share the Gospel. I prayed for the family while they were gathered together.

We speak and pray with many mothers whose children are cared for at the center on a regular basis. Recently, a mother who receives assistance through a scholarship from us for the treatment of her daughter sat with me. For years she has traveled twice a week with her daughter more than 25 km, and she seemed completely exhausted, and almost ready to give up. I hugged her and offered to pray in the Lord’s name. She gave me permission, and she was crying as I prayed as well as my language abilities would allow. A local intern, the only therapist at the center that is a local believer, knelt next to me and completed my phrases or helped to make them more comprehensible. When we were finished, she told this mother that she also prays in the same way that I do. It was a beautiful moment and the mother seemed to have a lighter load. She has not yet accepted Christ. For me it was a blessing to see my local sister share her faith.

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