Perseverance Through Obstacles and Hardships

Former Buddhist Says Thank You Jesus

My name is Sat Mao. I am 55 years old living in Tameas village in Prey Veng province. I was a devoted Buddhist who had been rooted in old beliefs from my ancestors for many generations. Our family worshiped idols and believed in the power of witchcraft and other deities.

My family seemed to be controlled by satan’s power. For example, we would move from place to place whenever a fortune-teller told us to. We then moved back to our first place again. 

obstacles and hardships
Sat Mao pictured with son

Our family had so many obstacles and hardships. For example, my wife died from electrocution. Shortly after her death, I fell off the roof of a house and damaged my left leg which now has limited mobility. 

Through my life problems, I watched Christians’ lives seem to be full of freedom, fewer challenges in their lives, morally good and they seemed to overcome the power of satan. I began to think about trying to put my faith in this Jesus. When my wife was alive, we were wanting to believe in Jesus too, but we were afraid of the people around us. 

Cow Bank Project

We continue to work with our provincial churches and village officials to distribute more cows to poor widows as soon as all the requirements are met. It is important to have the village officials participate to ensure that the project will go well and be accountable. 

obstacles and hardships

Recently, the cow of widow Sarun Mesas in Prey Veng province died suddenly from choking. The cow was pregnant with her second baby. Sarun felt very sad to lose her cow. Despite the obstacles and hardships she still hopes that her first full-grown female calf will produce more cows for her family. 

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