World’s newest country needs prayer!

When South Sudan received its independence from Sudan in 2011, South Sudanese were so joyful for what the Lord had done. Foreign businesses came in to invest in the development of this new country. But sadly, the country is sabotaging itself with its tribal fighting and struggles for power. Conflict erupted in Dec 2013 in the capital city of Juba. Many were killed. Many more fled to neighboring countries while hundreds of thousands became internally displaced.

Africa Inland Church (AIC) and other miAIC Buluk Church 2-22-2009 3-06-52 AMnistries and churches in South Sudan united in an effort to urge the political leaders to reconcile and restore peace to South Sudan. However, their initiative was not well received because of the differing ambitions of political leaders. In July 2016, fighting broke out again in the Presidential Palace and around the capital city which caused more loss of life and people to flee to other countries.

The South Sudanese Church is helping some of the internally displaced people with basic relief items such as food, water, tarps and blankets. They are also helping in the refugee camps in Uganda.

AIC leaders Bishops Arkanjelo and Alexander and team visited one of the refugee camps just across the border in Uganda. Bishop Alexander related, “When we entered the camp, we wept when we saw how utterly desperate the people are. The people left everything behind — homes, land, cattle, children’s schooling, and some lost family members. The people are traumatized. We listened and counseled the best we could to help them cope with their situation. We urged Christians to remain united and to maintain peace, reconciliation and to preach the message of hope.

Please pray for AIC as they seek to help the internally displaced and the refugees, especially the widows, women and children. Pray too for God to bring peace in South Sudan.

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  1. Wendie Benton

    My heart breaks for the refugees and those who have stayed behind. I pray that they will be strong and courageous, that they will not be terrified or discouraged, for the LORD our God will be with them wherever they go.


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