Muslim outreach: persecuted but not abandoned



Sudan is a place where the government is systematically rooting out Christians. Just as churches begin to bud, they are often squashed and scattered.


Abdo* was a Sudanese church planter doing outreach in the Darfur area. He was arrested for sharing his faith and thrown in jail. The jailers beat him relentlessly, until he was past the brink of what a human could survive. After a final beating, they threw him in a cold cell, where he lay slumped not moving for hours.


The jailers figured he was dead. After all, who could survive what they had done to him?


But later when they checked on him, they found him alive. They were amazed he had survived, but since he was close to death, they released him. They told him he had 24 hours to leave the country. Abdo left for South Sudan, but his church planting work didn’t end with his departure. A second generation of believers he helped disciple have continued to plant churches and new ministry has sprung up throughout the area.


Despite Abdo’s imprisonment, many others have been set free spiritually.


Many workers are facing the risks Abdo did in the least reached places. It can be a dangerous job, yet they continue to work, not without fear, but with faith God is in control. This holiday season, we want them to know that the church is standing by them. Will you help us? We have an $140,000 challenge match. That means your gift will be doubled and make double the impact!


You can use your year-end gifts to bring light to the darkest of places.


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