Peace Entering a Home

Bible Faith Mission works among the downtrodden and people who are neglected in the society, many of them struggle with their identity. Even in the midst of many challenges, God is blessing this ministry. Through the ministry – Bible Faith Mission, there have been many who have chosen to become followers of Jesus Christ. A few of them who made this decision chose to obey with the act of waters of baptism.

One of them is eager to share her testimony, here it is below:

L* is from a non-Christian family, she is married and has two daughters. Her husband is a drunkard and every day when he comes home, he drinks and then unnecessarily beats her and her daughters. L* said she could sense the fear in her children and knew they couldn’t take it when her husband would come home. She said there was no peace in her home, she and her daughters often cried. She had no one to go to that related to her and she felt alone. Just two months ago, L* joined the transformation group, and for the first time, she felt connected. The members of the group were very friendly and caring, they were always there for L* when she needed them. They prayed for her and also for there to be peace in her family. She then started to feel peace for the first time in her life and she felt strong enough to face her situation. L* put her faith in Jesus.  Her daughters also have seen a shift in her and noticed her being courageous, they asked L* how she became so bold? She told them it is all because of Jesus – He has given her the strength to face the situation and she is sure that He will help her husband stop drinking alcohol as well. Now her daughters have started to put their trust in Jesus and attend prayers held by Bible Faith Mission.


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