Pastor Kato Still Behind Bars

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Please continue to pray for Pastor Kato, who is part of the leadership team of our ministry partner, the African Inland Church (AIC) of South Sudan, and lead pastor of an AIC church. Police arrested him and other pastors in August, falsely accusing them of instigating a mob that stoned a woman to death who claimed to be a prophet and used witchcraft. Pastor Kato is one of the pastors who minister to the Sudanese refugees living in refugee camps in Uganda.

Pastor Kato explained to the authorities that neither he, the other pastors, or any pastors for that matter, had anything to do with the horrendous act. Nevertheless, a camp block leader said that Pastor Kato might have influenced others to take such action. That’s all the police needed, so he and two other pastors were arrested.

Court hearings have been scheduled several times, but each time they have been postponed. Once it was because the prosecutor was not present, and the other times there was no apparent reason.

A Light in the Darkness

Pastor Kato
Pastor Kato with family before his arrest.

In light of all of this, we thank God that He is using Pastor Kato behind bars to share the Gospel. Several people have already given their lives to the Lord!

Members of his congregation went to visit him, and one of them reported,

“That place is not good. Pastor Kato has back pain and they are beating him when he complains about it. They are also refusing to let him take his medicine. He is really in pain.”

Please Pray

Pray for his family as they stand by, feeling helpless. Pray that the hearing will stop getting delayed and happen soon and that the truth will prevail so Pastor Kato can return to his family and ministry.

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