Parents Fighting the Stigma

Shepherd’s Call team focuses on community transformation.

One of our success stories has to do with our center for children with disabilities.

The great thing about this center is, it is entirely run by the parents of the children who attend. It may seem a small step but given the local culture – it is a significant breakthrough.

KGSC March April 2019

The local culture believes that having a special needs child is usually a result of a curse or some sort of sickness. Often, it is the mother to blame, and not the father. A mother of a child born with disability lives under the intense pressure from her in-laws. They consider her to be defective.

These mothers rarely take their children out and spend most of the time locked in their homes and mainly stay in bed. This stops any possible progress that could have been achieved with simple physical exercise and improved emotional health from proper social engagement.

Living under such pressure, it is not so easy to find strength and step out. But thanks to the support, training, and encouragement of Shepard’s Call these parents changed their lives and the lives of their children. It became a relief for families and had a positive impact on society, helping to fight stigma and discrimination.

Recently, parents of the club started to have professional psychological support. For a long time, they needed someone to help them work through their issues. Last week they had the first session with the psychologist and it went very well. Parents were able to have a constructive discussion of what they have been going through, they became more open and honest about their experiences.

Shepherd’s Call continues to support the team and share the seeds of good news. Parents are opening their hearts to God, but in societies like ours, it takes time and courage to step out and speak about one’s faith.

Please, continue to pray for the spiritual openness and growth of our parents and children!

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