Parable of the Lost Sons, Kenyan style

Testimony from a church planter with Mchungaji Kundi Moja (MKM) in a northern Kenyan village . . . .

“Abdu*, a land owner with whom I have been farming, shared with me last year his concern for his two sons. They were giving him a hard time and getting involved with the wrong crowd. Abdu had tried talking with them, but to no avail. He took his sons to the Muslim sheikh for instruction, but that did not help. In a desperate bid, he even consulted a witchdoctor for advice. After being given some potions, he thought the problem would finally end, but the sons strayed further and further away. I told Abdu that only Jesus Christ brings true transformation.

“After that, I met a young man who was dealing drugs. Actually, he’s an addict himself. I told him the Parable of the Lost Son which I had learned from the Bridges Bible Storying training we had last year. I shared how the son’s father loved him so much and watched daily for his lost son to come home. This young man confessed that he had never heard anything like that before, nor about the love of God.

“Months later, Abdu came to the village looking for me, but not to farm. He came bearing two live chickens as a gift to my family and me. He wanted to share his excitement because of a remarkable change he was seeing in his sons. He also told me that his coconut farm that had not been producing was starting to yield fruits. He said these things only happened after he started farming with Christians.

“The amazing thing is that Abdu strongly believes that the fruitfulness of the farm and the changes in his sons are a direct result of the prayers of Christians because, as he said, ‘When Christians pray, Jesus answers their prayers. When Christians cry to their God, He hears and answers their cries.’

“We thank God because when we first came to this village, it was hard to find such people as Abdu and his sons. God is opening a wide door of ministry.”

*Actual photo cannot be shown and name has been changed for security reasons.

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  1. Peggie

    Wonderful story! This gives me hope for my two daughters as well.


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