Pandemic Paves the Way to our Neighbors

The last time we wrote you, we told you about the difficult situation in our country because of the pandemic. Thank God that situation is better now.

We still do not know what tomorrow will bring, because we are still going through the political and pandemic crises, but we see this situation as an opportunity to serve in new ways.

During the pandemic, we had an opportunity to serve people, as an organization and as local Christians. We worked to build relationships with our neighbors, and now we’ve started to build relationships with their children.

A lot of children have problems receiving education, because schools have been closed since the end of February of last year. Two families of our staff have started sports and board games in their homes and now these groups have become educational groups. Here is a testimony from one of our staff:

At the beginning of the pandemic we were confused about what to do. All our plans, youth clubs, and camps were banned by the government. But then we realized that before this situation, it was difficult to build relationships with our neighbors and their children, but now all our neighbors know that we are Christians, and they allow their kids to participate in our educational classes and sports events. Some Muslim parents even allow their kids to go to church with us. We have seen through this last year how God leads us to be light and salt in our local area. We have a lot of plans for the future, so please pray for our family, our neighbors, and their kids.

Also, we continue our sport and life project trainings and we finally found a place for winter trainings. This week one of the teenagers from the training started attending church. Please pray for the others. There are still a lot of teenagers who haven’t met Jesus yet.

Since we found a place for winter trainings, we can continue our ministry. We decided to meet once in a week at one of our staff’s homes to cook some food together, read the Bible, and play board games.

Thank you for praying dear partners! Please pray for our team. We are in the process of writing curriculum for our summer camps. Pray for the situation in our country, that the government and situation will allow us to hold the camps. Pray also for the ongoing education classes and sports trainings.

With love,
Camp Adonai team

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