Overcoming Personal Doubts to Plant a Church

A church planter in the Niger countryside, Abdulay, attended a disciple making training for the first time two months ago. During the event, we had the chance to talk to him and learn about his the work he has been doing on the field. During our discussions, Abdulay expressed concerns about his own limitations, as well as the potential oppositions to his work. He has these concerns because of the relatively small number of Christians in his area.

This month, he shared one of his success stories with us. It was a blessing from the Lord that encouraged him and his team to simply obey and serve, even in their weakness.

Abdulay and his team went out to a new mission field that was twelve miles away from their home town. There they followed the instructions of the training, and God blessed them with a man of peace, Hassane. He is seventy-six years old, and a retired laborer who also tills the ground during the rainy seasons in order to feed his family. “I have seen many things in life,” he said, “and I have experienced so much, but life is nothing without God.”

When the team visited his village of Galma, Hassane just open his home to them, listening to the Word of God. Soon afterward, he opened his heart and received Jesus as his personal Lord and Savior. His eight family members will followed him immediately to form the first church in their village. “I am so happy that you came to visit us,” he said. “I am so blessed to know the Lord, and to see my family come to know Him as well.”

Because he is literate, Hassane loves to fellowship through God’s Word. He likes to sit quitely in his garden and read the Bible, which is now translated in his own language! We are so happy that he has found this new life in Christ. Pray for Abdylay and the Altar Of Praise Church in Niger, that God will continue to bless them as they remain in humility and obedience.

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