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SEPR March 2017 Update Evangelism outreach and bible


The work of evangelism started since December 2016. Our church planter’s name is Jakum*. In his monthly report he said, “I have two contacts. One is a Koran teacher, and the other one is a close relative. The moment came when they had to make a decision after I presented the Gospel to them.” The Koran teacher replied, “It would be shameful for someone who usually teaches the crowds to turn away from his religion. However, I’d like you to keep coming for conversation about faith.”


In Senegal, Mandingo people, together with the Fulani people are the first ethnic groups that embraced Islam. They are very proud of this heritage.




  • Ask the Lord to open a way to Jakum unto the salvation of the M people in his community.
  • Pray for Jakum, that he will live and share the Gospel appropriately.
  • Pray for the ministry to be able to send a second church planter to work with Jakum.
  • Continue praying for peace in the region.


Name* has been changed for security reasons.


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