Outreach to Children and Unreached Villages

Outreach to Children and Unreached VillagesOur children’s outreach ministry recently hosted an event for over sixty children from Christian families who live in isolated areas. We arranged for a Christian children’s entertainer to attend the event as well. In his performance, he delivered the message of salvation, as well as a drama demonstrating how we should love one another and be united together. The children had fun singing and praying together. We gave each child a coloring book containing the Gospel message, and some chocolate. The event brought together children from different church traditions, and they had a great time together despite these differences, and despite the fact that some of their church leaders were in conflict with one another. The children were truly united. What a great lesson we can all learn from the innocent friendship of these children, and what a blessing it was to bring them together as the body of Christ.

We also held a similar event at a school for non-Christian children. Approximately 250 children attended this event, ranging from first to fifth grade. The message shared was infused with Christian ethics of how we should love and help one another. The children were delighted with the event and had a great time. We pray that seeds were planted that will lead these Outreach to Children and Unreached Villageschildren to seek the truth as they grow.

In our media outreach, we had the opportunity to bless the Christians in our area with 250 CDs containing a message from the Bible and songs to encourage them. Only 1300 Christians live in this overly populated area. The situation is not getting any better, so please keep them in your prayers. The area had a Christian presence dating back to the early centuries of Christianity, which now can only be seen by the lifeless remains of forty churches. We pray that God will raise up men and women here so that they can bring life back to these buildings.

Over Easter we were able to give out over 10,000 coloring books and CDs with a biblical message to different outreach programs in other areas as well. We pray that seekers who received this blessing will have hunger for God and see the love of Christ through these materials. It is so good to see families and their children use these materials and respond to the message of the Gospel as a result. We pray that people will want to start a conversation about faith and God after they receive these gifts. As the verse says: “Cast your bread upon the waters, for you will find it after many days.” Ecclesiastes 11:1

We recently visited a poor non-Christian family and blessed them with food aid that they desperately needed. This was God’s direct provision, as on that day they had one last cup of oil to use in their home. The family was encouraged by the words of Jesus that we shared with them, as well as our personal stories of God’s work and provision in our lives. We planted many seeds in this household, and they accepted us with joy! The father in law learned from us that he needs to bless all people, and not just people from their same religion. Please pray for all the many seeds we plant in the name of Jesus in untouched villages.

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