Outreach in Our Country

Happy New Year, our dear friends!

Camp Adonai

It’s a new year, and we have big plans.

We are trying to work as not only a camp but reach more needs within our Country. We are trying to grow in every area God will allow and work in new provinces. Our hearts are focused on sending missionaries on mission trips.

Last summer we had a lot of work with teenagers here in our camp, but four out of six team members went on a mission trip. We went to the south part of our country most of our team hadn’t yet been to, and it was not like our hometown. It’s a place where Islam is firm. This trip left a deep impression in our hearts which is why we want to do more of it this year.

Even though their language is different, and they are fundamentally Muslim, we were still able to find people who faithfully serve God.

A few young ladies came to receive haircuts from our barber. While they were getting their hair cut, they had open hearts to talk about God. Some of them brought their children, and we had the opportunity to check their health with our doctors. This gave an excellent opportunity to share with the kids as well. The children were open and engaged as a group of adults shared stories about Jesus with them. They were very kind and joyful, and some of them believed with great joy.

The Local leaders were under the impression that we were foreigners trying to help them and were surprised to find out we weren’t. We assured them that we are locals, just from up North. We don’t want to wait for other people to come to help when we know that we are able to help our own country.

Why we plan to start sending teams to the south.

We have teenagers who are ready to go because they were equipped at one of the camps our ministry has hosted. The teens have hearts to serve Jesus wherever He sends them. We also have counselors, who have significant experience to work with new people and their parents.

We had decided to send a few teams to some different areas of our country. We plan to send a team, who will make day camps at the villages. We plan to equip a team, who will go and will serve by helping and repairing all broken things, who will go to share some medicine and share the Gospel.

Our dear friends, we have big plans, and we believe that God is calling us not just to work in our city but going to the ends of the earth. We have a big dream about it, we have a big heart, so please, pray for us. We believe this is some new level for us. Pray for dedicated teams, pray for these districts, because they aren’t friendly to Christians, pray for the hearts of all these people to whom God will send us.

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