Orphan Teen Finds a Loving Home

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Inca*, the Christian Outreach Fellowship missionary ministering to the F* people group, became severely ill middle of last year. He was attacked by Cerebro-Spinal Meningitis. Thank God he recovered and was discharged from the hospital. Although it was a near-death experience, we thank God for saving his life.


Meanwhile, Inca continues to persist in his engagement with the F people. His latest contact was a 14-year-old Muslim orphan we’ll call Muni*. Muni’s mother asked Inca if he would take custody of her son since, as a widow with no gainful employment, she is unable to take care of Muni and his siblings all by herself.


Soon after, Muni’s mother traveled out of town, and Inca and his wife have graciously invited Musa to stay with them.


Let us keep Muni in our prayers so that the hospitality of the Inca and his family will open a door for him to come to faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Thank you.

*Names changed for security.
**Stock photo used for security.

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  1. Amin Jeramiah Nguluma

    Dear father in Jesus Name,you are the Husband of Widows and a Father of Orphan we seek your mightly hand to look upon all Widows and Orphans who are lack of hope and safety wherever they are in this planet. Open the window of you blessing to them and pour to them everything they need to sustain their life. Reveal to them and give them your Salvation so that they rejoice before you every day. I seek your pardon to those who went astray in their deeds and i am asking the blood of your beloved Son Jesus Christ to wash them all their sins and transgression.
    In Jesus name I prophecy to them mightily blessing from your holy throne in Jesus name


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