Opportunities to Intercede

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We believe this is a very important reason to worship the sovereignty of God as well as to intercede for the future!


Our cleaning lady recently chose to follow the Good News in a church. Last month that church had a retreat in a nearby city, in which her 14-year-old son also chose to follow the Good News. On his return to the capital, he told his schoolteacher: “You know, I have decided to follow the Lord!” In this country, this has frequently caused problems for families and their children when they get denounced following an admission of faith. However, the teacher replied: “Oh, really? How and where? I also would like to follow the Lord!”


Increasingly people in the Turkish middle class are becoming weary of the government’s Islamist impositions. So we are at a very interesting impasse, in which the country is not legally closed to the Gospel, but the Islamist pressure creates more and more discontent among the secularists.


Thank you for rejoicing with us, and for your prayers and support!


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