Opening The Door

Some time ago, my friend invited me for dinner at her home. Normally, gatherings at her house are filled with fun, delicious food, and an abundance of desserts. Frequently, there is a recommended dress code, an ambiance of good music, and there is always time for drinking tea.

On this particular visit, however, her home was in chaos. She had been caring for her twin nieces, and one niece had been ill for several days. The girl’s mother had taken her to visit the doctor, followed by a cold bath, but remained unsuccessful in reducing her fever.

In the midst of the chaos, I thought of my mother; she was a person who understood the urgency and importance of interceding for others. Following her example, I asked my a friend if I could pray for her niece in the name of Jesus. I took the girl in my arms and began to pray for her. I didn’t know whether I should do so in my language or in Arabic, and I can’t remember now the words that I used, but I will never forget the impact of that prayer.

A short while later, the fever and vomiting stopped. My friend, now more relaxed, asked me about the prayer, and this opened the door for me to share my testimony with her. I shared how I met Jesus as my Savior and Lord, and about the miracle of healing which the Lord did in my brother’s life and also some years later in my nephew.

In this special moment, we discussed the meaning of salvation and the hope Christians have in Jesus. My friend still maintains her traditional faith, but each time that she has a need or something important comes up, she asks me to pray in the name of Jesus, and this opens a door once again to share more about the Good News.

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